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3 thoughts on “Drunk Mom Feedback

  1. Hi Jovita,
    I’ve read your article in the April issue of Fashion. I’m glad people are writing about the difficulties of motherhood. I never drunk – too afraid with the history of alcoholism in the family- but I had a heavy PPD that lasted over 2 years. I kept on thinking what are people talking about when they make comments about ‘this must be so amazing’, ‘your child is an angel’. I kept on thinking ‘Are they on drugs?’ or am I completely useless at this?
    Long story short, I am better, I have another child and this time I did not have PPD, but it’s still a very difficult road.
    Hope you get to enjoy your little one.
    Thank you again for writing about it.

  2. Hello Jovita,

    Just like the comment above I just read your article in the April issue of Fashion magazine and it cut right through me. I felt like you were describing me and my first year of parenthood. I also found relief in drinking and just like you the first night I spent with my newborn baby girl was awful because she cried all night, I was alone with my husband who was in shock just as much as I was and we had no clue what to do with this baby. It got worse when I couldn’t figure out how to breast feed and I got scolded by more than one lactation consultant who told me that it was unrealistic to think that I could pump my milk so I could go to class and finish my degree. So after that I never returned to the breast feeding clinic and I gave up trying to breast feed; I felt like such a failure. This feeling was confirmed again when I attended mommy & baby drop-ins where everyone looked like they were walking on a cloud and shared their cute little stories and there I was asking myself what was wrong with me? I was too afraid to bring my baby in the stroller to the drop-in and instead carried her for three hours in the baby carrier so she wouldn’t wake up and start screaming. I didn’t want anyone to see how inadequate I was when my baby cried so I didn’t go out much. I was always jealous of the moms sitting at Starbucks drinking their coffee with their baby silently cooing in their $1000 stroller. So I drank and I felt better but always guilty about not being a good mom. I can honestly say that I did not enjoy my daughter until she turned 2. Three and a half years later I had my second child and it was better. I couldn’t breast feed again but this time I did not allow any professional to tell me anything and I went straight to formula, which I found is still frown upon by many nurses and doctors. I still drank when he cried at night and especially when he was sick because I was so anxious and it was the only thing that calmed me down.
    Thank you so much for talking about this things and letting people like me know that we are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with us. Even now everyone my husband and I know who have babies tell us how wonderful it is and how they sleep through the night and how they like eating everything. My youngest child is three and he still wakes up at night and both my kids are extremely picky eaters and that makes it impossible going out to eat or even just feeding them at home but I try to cope. Sometimes I sttill feel like we are the only couple who have children that are more challenging than “average”. Please continue to write about this and show the world that not everyone lives in a perfect world.


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