The joys of toys, toys, toys, toys…

Believe me, every time I buy a crappyshittycute little car, I think to myself, I should probably save money for—then I buy the crappyshittycute car and that’s that. We have too many toys, I mean, he has too many toys. Yes, I feel guilty about it and yes, I know that complaining about too many toys is the epiphany of Firs-world problem.

I’m weak. And he’s only going to be a kid for so long. Seriously – when else am I going to be able to fulfill his every wish? Besides, he keeps getting toys because he’s the most grateful little boy ever. Nothing like I was as a kid – no hysterics on the floors of stores, no threats of running away. If I tell him to put something back, he puts it back (I know, I’m so smug – shove it), no complains. Most of the time I buy the thing just because he doesn’t demand it. Anyway, I’m sure that’ll change. And the older he gets, the less I’ll be able to make his dreams come true…

And speaking of toys, please check out the awesome Photos of Children From Around the World With Their Most Prized Possessions.



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