Great think-piece of Katrina Onstad in the Globe the other day: Won’t somebody please think of the children? Why we need to stop the ‘parental overshare’ plague

So. Am I oversharing? I’m oversharing. I’m for sure oversharing. Why do people write about their kids so much (and when I say people I mean MEN as well). Maybe because it’s such a bizarre thing to suddenly have this human thing attached to you at all times? And this human thing doesn’t know anything but you watch it learn the world and it’s kind of miraculous and you feel like it would be a crime to keep all this to yourself? Of course, nobody gives a crap about your little miracle. Nobody.  In words of Louis C.K.: Maybe this is not about your kid. Maybe this is about you (me), about the fact that your life has changed so much. I mean, you have lived most of it until this point (the baby) point, only concerned with your sweet self and then BAM, now it’s not about you at all. Now it’s all about the little blob slowly forming into a human being.  I don’t know. New parents, we’re all shell shocked. We share war stories.  Yeah, it’s just personal stories. But, I will argue, those are quite important. Mommy blogging is not philosophy but it’s a form of first-person reflection. The most famous first-person reflections to be at the centre of a serious philosophy are Descartes “Discourse On Method” (1637) (“I think therefore I am”).


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