Happy New Year to all the kids, big and small!

This year was AWESOME. Okay, maybe it wasn’t awesome, maybe it was full of challenges, maybe it was (it was) actually quite shitty but it was another year of re-discovery thanks to my kid. This is the best thing about having kids around, whether you’re a parent or a friend or a relative who’s got a kid in his/ her life. You get to do things all over again. Even if it’s been years since you got crazy about dinosaurs or castles or princesses or magnifying glass or eating lunch in a restaurant… when you’re around a kid experiencing those things, it all rushes back and breaks that big, serious dam of weariness, cynicism, disappointment and all those grownup things that harden us.

This year, I’ve relived 3 years old all over again. I forgot how awesome that was. For example, swimming. Do you know how awesome swimming is, for the first time? Do you remember how you used to jump into the water with full trust, feet first? And after you come out of the water, how you’d laugh right from the centre of your being, your entire little body shaking with delight and then you jump right back in, full of joy, ready to do it all over again (and again)? That, my friends, is the most awesome thing in the world and I wish us all to remember how to jump in with full trust and come up with joy. Happy New Year 2013!1a_rick_smith_kid_jumping_off_dock


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