A cure for your holiday-shopping repulsion

If you’ve ever been to the hospital with your kid, however trivial the reason, you know how intense those places can get. Even if it’s something as temporary and mildly dangerous as croup, you know how those hours in a hospital can disturb your peace of mind more than anything else in the world. It’s bombs dropping on your house, it’s sitting in the middle of a tornado. I don’t mean to be dramatic. Yeah, I mean to be dramatic – because it can totally feel like that. We’ve had our share of visits to the children’s hospital, once in the middle of the night with our baby boy getting rushed to a large, cold green room with metallic trays, because of that stupid croup. He was fine but there were a few hours there when we almost lost our mind. And we’ve been at the hospital for other, more on-going reasons. Anyway, the bottom line is, if you’ve got a kid or if you know a kid a hospital visit is probably unavoidable. If you’re lucky the kid will not have to stay in the hospital. We were lucky. But there are many kids who are not so lucky.

I’m having a holiday season repulsion happening again. Mostly because I just can’t wait to buy more useless stuff. If you’ve got the same sort of holiday season repulsion happening, check these out and consider doing things a bit different this year… here are my favourite three picks from SickKids:

Sleeper Chair $ 40: This money goes toward buying chairs for parents to be able to stay with their sick kid overnight.

Postoperative Blanket $ 75: A blanket warmer to help warm up a blanket, socks and head coverings until parents are allowed to hold the child after the surgery.

A Stocking Surprise $ 30: Thirty measly bucks for a stocking filled with filled with toys, crayons, teddy bears and more for a kid who has to wake up in a hospital bed over the holidays.

There are many more options for any budget if this is doesn’t appeal.

(If you decide to donate you will be asked to select a card with your donation every time so click on that and just pick “no card” option, otherwise it’ll keep taking you back to the before-Checkout page.)(Oh, and bonus: you get a tax receipt!)


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